GH Bits of Silver

We have the finest line of custom engraved silver work available. This web site contains only a few of the possibilities. We use only the highest quality steel with Sterling silver and 14K gold overlay.


These are only some of the possibilities for designing spurs. If you have an idea of your own, please call us. ALL GOLD AND SPECIAL ORDERS MUST BE INDIVIDUALLY QUOTED.


Floral Overlay with Ruby


WIDTH OF BAND                *3/4″   *1″ (standard)   *1 1/8″

THICKNESS OF BAND      *Standard 1/8″   *Heavy 3/16″

SIZE             *Men’s   *Ladies’ *Child’s

ROWEL         *Clover Leaf   *6 Pt   *8 Pt   *10 Pt   *Short 10 Pt

*Med 10 Pt     *Big 10   *Sharp 18 Pt   *Dull 18 Pt


SHANK        *Cutter *Gooseneck   *Spanish *Derby   *Classic

                                                                  *Roper   *Wide Gooseneck *Wide Cutter *Futurity

                                                                  *Futurity w/ Chap guard

            LETTER STYLE                       *Script     *Block     *Other (specify)

SPURS, PLAIN – No silver  
base price

To design your spurs in silver, add the following to the base price

BUTTONS: Rowel and Swivel                                                  $50.00

LETTERS:   One or Two (price includes both spurs)          $100.00

Each additional letter (price includes both spurs)                      $50.00

SHANK: Stripe or Bead                                                            $50.00

            Full Overlay                                                                $95.00

            Floral Overlay                                                            $110.00

ROPE or 1/2 ROUND EDGE: (on band)                                   $185.00

WINDOWS: Flat Stripe or Flat Circular                                $100.00

FLORAL: (under name)                                                             $95.00

STRIPES ON BAND: (3)                                                            $100.00

OVERLAYS: (on band)

            Regular                                                                        $165.00

            Full                                                                                $250.00

            Full Floral                                                              $250.00

BRAND or INITIALS (Gold Front on Silver Overlay)          $100.00

RUBIES: (set of 2)                                                                        $25.00

EXTRA PAIR OF ROWELS & PINS                                          $25.00

REPLACEMENT ROWELS INSTALLED (1 day service)     $30.00

 Full overlay

Full overlay